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Why choose to host an au pair
Looking for the ultimate extra pair of hands? Hosting an au pair offers a flexible and affordable solution to transform your busy daily life into a well-balanced one. By sharing your childcare responsibilities, you can instil a sense of calm amidst the madness! As parents, hosting an au pair not only grants you the luxury of knowing your children are well-cared for in the comfort of your own home, but it also provides additional benefits. Imagine having extra time for yourself, whether it is hitting the gym or enjoying a well-deserved date-night. This newfound freedom improves the overall quality of life for your entire family.

Becoming a host family has the power to make you a more effective parent who can manage their family, home, and achieve a work-life balance. It is a life-changing experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Find your perfect au pair in just 4 simple steps:

We are here to help you, whether you are already an au pair expert or new to the program. We will support you all the way!

Register online via our very easy form. Submit a letter, photos and provide references. We will assist you in navigating through all the necessary documents.
Have a quick chat with a Smart Au Pairs team member to talk about your family’s needs and confirm the process. The more insight we gain, the better we can match you.
Access your personal Smart Au Pairs shortlist and videochat with the candidates. We provide you with an interview guide to make the process easy.
Invite your selected Smart Au Pair to join your family! We will prepare the necessary documentation and assist your au pair with visa, flights and travel insurance.

If you are matched, the next steps will follow:

Receive continuous assistance and guidance throughout the whole au pair placement period from our experienced team.
Stress free sourcing for your next au pair, as we know your family’s preferences and you already have a profile, it is even easier!

What does an au pair do?

Can assist with a range of tasks, including:
  • Morning routine: waking the children and preparing them for the day.
  • Room organization: teaching the kids how to tidy their room and make their beds.
  • Meal preparation: preparing breakfast and lunch for the children.
  • Kitchen duties: taking care of the dishes after breakfast and lunch and managing dishwater duties.
  • Organized school prep: ensuring the children have their books and sports gear organized.
  • Transportation: transporting the children to and from school, sports activities and playdates, by car, walking, or public transport.
  • After-school fun: entertaining the kids before or after school e.g. visiting parks, doing homework or arranging playdates.
  • Household assistance: assisting with light housework, children's laundry and running small errands.
  • Mealtime support: preparing after-school snacks and simple evening meals.
  • Homework help: offering support with homework and school readers.
  • Playtime initiatives: initiating playtime and organising various activities for the children.
  • Bedtime routine: assisting children during bath time and preparing them for bed.
  • General preparation: all Smart Au Pairs will succeed an online First Aid & Au Pair training before joining your family in Australia.

Why choose an au pair?

Provides you with flexibility and control:
  • Extended care: unlike traditional childcare options with fixed hours, an au pair provides care beyond regular business hours. You have the flexibility to schedule their assistance as needed, accommodating your work schedule or any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Personalised care: an au pair provides one-to-one and family-orientated care for your children in the familiar and comforting environment of your home. They can tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring personalised attention and care.
  • Last-minute changes: if your child is sick or there are unexpected changes to your daily routine, having a live-in au pair allows for immediate and seamless adjustments.
  • All children: if you have school-age children and little ones at home, your au pair can care for both without any additional costs. Your au pair assists with school routines, homework, and transportation. This flexibility ensures that all your children’s needs are met throughout the whole day.
  • Household management: in addition to childcare, au pairs can assist you with light housework related to the children. This support lightens the load of household responsibilities, giving you more time and flexibility.
  • Trained au pairs: all Smart Au Pairs have successfully completed an online First Aid & Au Pair training before joining your family.
  • Cultural exchange: an au pair brings diverse perspectives, fostering global awareness and enriching your child's education beyond traditional childcare.

Au pair placing map

Our main focus is on the big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We are excited to extend our network and offer more host families childcare support in regional locations around Australia. We ensure families understand the au pair program, which is designed as a cultural exchange, providing the au pair an opportunity to enhance their language skills and become part of the family. Please contact us to discuss childcare options in your home.

Host family requirements

We really care about our au pair program and its benefits and we love sharing this experience with our host families, offering them childcare that is both flexible and affordable. It is important that all host families understand that the au pair program, which is a cultural exchange, providing the au pair an opportunity to improve their language skills and become part of your family.

Our worldwide partners carefully screen all our au pairs, and we do the same for our host families. Making sure all parties are screened prior matching. The requirements to become a host family are:

  • Welcome to your family: your au pair will become a member of your family and be welcome to participate in family life and activities to really experience the cultural exchange.
  • Childcare support: au pairs can assist with various tasks but should not provide sole care for babies, overnight care, or heavy cleaning.
  • Open your home: provide free board and a private fully furnished room in your safe and comfortable home. Including three meals a day, seven days a week.
  • Fair schedule: au pairs can help for up to 35 hours per week, with a maximum of 10 hours per day. They are entitled to two days off each week (usually weekends).
  • Pocket money: au pairs receive weekly pocket money as a reward of their childcare duties. After completing six months with your host family, they receive a completion payment of $600.
  • Training: host families should take the time to train their au pair in duties and family routines.
  • English language: your primary spoken language within the family should be English.
  • Nationality: as part of the cultural exchange, your nationality should differ from the au pair.
  • Children: there should be at least one child under the age of 13 in your family.
  • Location: while we primarily focus on larger cities, we are open to various locations. Please contact our team to discuss your childcare options.
  • Complete profile: to become a host family, provide all necessary information, including a couple of family references, an introduction letter, and family photos.

Do you meet all these requirements to become a host family?

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