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We have had 9 amazing Smart Au Pairs

Hosting in Sydney
21 July 2023
Why we chose an au pair

With our busy work schedules we loved the idea of having someone with the kids in our own home to offer consistency. We wanted our children to feel loved and cared for rather than just be another number in a daycare/before school care. The flexibility of having an au pair who could care for the kids even when they are sick or during holidays, engaging in fun activities, was a big plus.

With Smart Au Pairs from 2018

We were referred to Smart Au Pairs through a friend, which is always reassuring to know that someone you trust has had a positive experience with a service. We have received continuous support from the Smart Au Pairs team since we started hosting au pairs in 2018. Their availability to answer every question, guide us through the interview process and assist when our au pairs started, was invaluable. We appreciate that they check in on our au pairs to make sure they are adjusting well and provide events for them to connect with other au pairs in the city.

Such a positive experience with Smart Au Pairs

Our relationship with the staff at Smart Au Pairs has always been positive and supportive. Right from our initial consult, where we discussed our family’s needs and expectations, they have been supportive and helped us finding the right au pairs. We appreciate the honest, open, and respectful nature of Smart Au Pairs and love knowing they have our and our au pairs’ best interest in mind with any interactions.

Choosing the perfect fit

When it comes to finding the best fit, personality takes precedence for us. Living with an au pair involves welcoming them into our family, so shared interests and open communication are key. Our approach involves being upfront about our family's dynamics and expectations, ensuring a smooth and harmonious match.

Supporting families every step of the way

When we first started hosting, we really relied on the interview guides. They were so helpful and allowed us to know we were asking the right questions. Knowing that they check in on us and our au pairs when they arrive provided a sense of security and community. It is also good to know that, if there is a problem, we have support. If we have any issue, we can just contact the agency and they will help us to sort it out. The agency is very good in assisting to foster a harmonious relationship between us and our au pairs to ensure it is a mutually positive relationship.

Our matches

We appreciate the diverse range of personalities available for matching. Many of our family's interests align with those of the au pairs we have been matched with. Reviewing their letters and selecting who to connect with is a process we genuinely enjoy. Recently, we received some ‘Bro Pairs' to our potential matches - that was a welcome enhancement as well. We feel fortunate to have connected with au pairs from various countries, enriching our lives with cultural insights and knowledge.

Our au pairs

We have had 9 au pairs! And we are so lucky to have had them all in our lives. Our current au pair, Josie is an 18-year-old from Germany. She is such a positive addition to our family. She loves drawing and painting with the kids, jumping around on the trampoline, kicking soccer balls, cooking delicious food, and spending time with our kids. She loves to watch soccer, especially when it is my son’s team against her home team in the Champions League. Josie also loves travelling, exploring the city and all Sydney has to offer. Having Josie join our family has been such an easy seamless experience and we will be very sad to see her leave.

Transforming our family’s life with an au pair

Having an au pair has allowed our children to have some stability and normality while we work. With unpredictable work schedules, having someone to care for the kids before and after school, and during holidays has eliminated so much stress from our lives. We do not have family to help us, and my roster changes every week with a combination of day and night shift. Having an au pair means kids can stay in their own home to be cared for with someone they have a genuine relationship with is absolutely amazing.

We have been so lucky with all our au pairs

We still speak to several of our old au pairs, and they love how much the children have grown over the years, and we love seeing them grow into adults fulfilling their dreams, going to university or getting the job they dreamed of. The cultural exchange brings a good aspect to the childcare as our children learn new traditions, recipes, games, jokes and there are some good stories about cultural differences. Did you know in Italy they have a tooth mouse instead of a tooth fairy? And in Germany the tooth fairy leaves the tooth instead of taking it away like in Australia?

Great moments with our au pair

Our kids love that they get to choose their own activities during the holiday to play with the au pairs. They love having another person who loves them, will play games with them and takes an interest in their interests. Someone who is not their mum or dad to show off to, tell stories to and enjoy their company. I feel it has helped our kids to be confident and very well adjusted. Our children have always been social, confident, and happy to go into new situations and I think having had au pairs since they were little has really helped with that.

When the au pair is in charge

The children love the days that our au pair is in charge. They check the calendar and make plans for during the day. Our daughter will often disappear and see if Josie is free for some girl time, and our son absolutely loves his afternoons with Josie to play games, talk sports and have her attention all to himself. They love having an au pair and we love seeing the kids building such a great relationship and learning more about themselves and the au pair’s culture with each new match.

Memorable experiences

We have had so many memorable experiences it is too hard to pick! Maybe taking our au pair Maike to the beach for Christmas, Hannah being there on our son’s first day at school in 2020 or just really every Christmas, Easter and birthday celebration makes it even more special with our au pairs.

Go for Smart Au Pairs

We have passed on our awesome experience with so many of our friends, we could not recommend them highly enough. Knowing we have the agency there if there are any issues for either us or our au pair is invaluable, so is the support they have provided over the last 5 years!


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