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The supportive role of Smart Au Pairs

Hosting in Sydney
12 June 2021
Discovering the need for a Smart Au Pair

As two full-time working parents, the desire to have our children cared for within the comfort of our own home led us to consider the option of having an au pair. We wanted to ensure our kids were not in long daycare and that household tasks were taken care of while we focused on our careers. Seeking a balanced work-life routine, we knew an au pair could be the answer.

Choosing Smart Au Pairs as our partner

In our quest to find the right au pair agency, we stumbled upon Smart Au Pairs through a simple Google search. We decided to explore further and learn how they could assist us in this important journey. From the moment we connected with Camilla, our impressions of Smart Au Pairs were overwhelmingly positive. Her warmth, knowledge, and genuine willingness to help made it clear that this agency would be our partner in the au pair journey. We felt supported and confident in our decision to choose Smart Au Pairs.

The supportive role of Smart Au Pairs

Throughout the entire au pair placement process, the support provided by Smart Au Pairs has been invaluable. They have been more than just an agency—they have become our trusted partners. Their advice, timely assistance, and unwavering support have contributed to a positive experience for our family and our au pair.

Our perfect match(es)

Over the course of our au pair journey, we have welcomed five au pairs into our home. However, it was the current au pair, Sanna, who surpassed all expectations. Recommended by Camilla herself, Sanna has proven to be the best fit for our family. She brings a vibrant energy and love for adventure to our household, is very active and into lots of different activities such as boxing and diving.

The impact on our daily life and work-life balance

Having an au pair through Smart Au Pairs has had a profound impact on our family's daily life and work-life balance. As full-time working parents, the support we receive from our au pair enables us to navigate our busy schedules with ease. From assisting with the children's daily routines to tackling household tasks, our au pair's presence is invaluable.

The tasks and responsibilities of our au pair

Our au pair helps us with various tasks: from preparing meals for the children and getting the kids ready for school to tidying up toys and managing light household chores, her assistance has lightened our workload and allowed us to focus on quality family time. And also, she makes us the best Swedish meatballs ever!

Partner up with Smart Au Pairs!

When asked if we would recommend Smart Au Pairs to other families seeking an au pair, our answer is "ABSOLUTELY!" The support and assistance we have received from Smart Au Pairs have made our lives more manageable and rewarding. It works great for our family – the ‘you can have it all’ feeling! We enthusiastically recommend them to others all the time!

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