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Affordable childcare

by Smart Au Pairs
21 May 2020
    Affordable childcare

    Affordable and reliable childcare is a significant concern for many families, especially those with multiple children or varying school schedules. Fortunately, our au pair program offers a cost-effective solution that has gained immense popularity among families throughout Australia.

    One of the key advantages of our au pair program is its excellent value for money. Au pair pocket money remains fixed, regardless of the number of children requiring care. Unlike traditional day care centres or nanny services that charge per child, hosting an au pair allows families to benefit from live-in childcare at a set cost. This means that families with two or more children can experience substantial savings compared to paying individual fees for each child.

    The escalating fees charged by day-care centres can be staggering, with some reaching up to $180 per child per day, if you compare this to our au pair pocket money rates, you will see why many families prefer a flexible live-in au pair.

    Please refer to our au pair program costs to find out more about the exact au pair costs, including an activation and placement fee plus weekly pocket money for your au pair. Extras to consider include a police check and a compulsory completion bonus for your au pair after successfully completing the 6 month au pair program.

    If you are eager to explore the benefits of our au pair program further, please get in touch with us. Smart Au Pairs is recognised as one of the leading au pair agencies in Australia, and we take pride in our expertise and extensive network of worldwide partners. With our guidance, we can help you find a suitable au pair who perfectly aligns with your family's unique needs and budget. Take advantage of the au pair program and start your search today!

    Comparison to Day care:

    While some families are fortunate to have affordable day-care options nearby, it is becoming increasingly common for day-care centres to charge up to $180 per day, particularly in Long Day-care settings. If you have multiple children in day-care, we encourage you to speak with us about the potential for substantial childcare savings.

    Comparison to a nanny:

    Engaging the services of a professional nanny comes at a significant cost, with many charging $30-$40/hour.

    Comparison to a babysitter:

    Babysitters lack the continuity of care and the flexibility of live-in au pairs. Nowadays, many babysitters expect $20 to $35/hour, and when you add the cost of their transportation home, a single night out can easily exceed $200. While babysitters are ideal for one-off occasions, they rarely provide long-term solutions. Au pairs are generally very happy to incorporate babysitting hours into their weekly schedule or do additional hours for special occasions if required.

    Weekly childcare costs breakdown

    Childcare expenses can put a strain on any budget, especially for hardworking parents. We understand the financial challenges, which is why we've provided an average breakdown of your weekly costs, regardless of the number of children your au pair will be caring for.

    Activation Fee plus Silver au pair package = $300 + $950
    This fee covers the services and support provided by our agency throughout the process.

    Weekly minimum Pocket Money = $300
    Your au pair will receive a fair and reasonable weekly allowance for their dedication and care.

    Au Pair completion payment = $600
    At the end of the 6-month (26-week) program, your au pair will receive a completion payment as a token of appreciation for their commitment.

    Your total childcare costs for 6 months = $371.15 per week, based on a 6-month program duration. Our transparent pricing structure allows you to budget effectively while providing your children with the quality care they deserve.

    Our program allows host families to experience dedicated and reliable care for your children while enjoying significant savings, making it a smart choice for families seeking quality and affordable childcare solutions. Start your au pair search today!

Want affordable childcare? Find an au pair!

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