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Flexible childcare

by Smart Au Pairs
12 November 2020
    Flexible childcare

    Many parents face the daily challenge of managing childcare arrangements, including day-care, after-school care, and relying on family members for help. Our host families consistently express their appreciation for the flexibility offered by the au pair program.

    By hosting an au pair in your family, you regain control over your childcare needs. There's no need to rush back from work due to a set closing time, and if your child is sick your au pair will step in to assist as required. If you have both school-aged children and little ones at home, your au pair can provide care for both without any additional costs.

    The beauty of the au pair program lies in its flexibility. The au pair lives with your family and can care for multiple children in the same place - your own home.

    For access to the finest selection of au pairs in Australia, consider Smart Au Pairs. As one of the leading au pair agencies in the country, we are dedicated to assisting you in finding flexible childcare solutions for your family. Contact us today to start your search.

    Going above and beyond – scheduling flexibility

    Our au pairs go far beyond the confines of a traditional "9-5" schedule, offering you the freedom to customise their timetable according to your family's unique needs. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for parents who work shifts or have unpredictable finishing times.

    The flexibility of the au pair program empowers you as a parent to prioritise what matters most. You are not bound by fixed schedules for your children. If your child falls ill, your au pair can stay home to provide care, eliminating the need for you to cancel work arrangements. Furthermore, when you require an evening babysitter, you already have a familiar and trusted caregiver who doesn't need to be transported home late at night.

    Gone are the days of making separate arrangements for your children if you have one in preschool and another in primary school. Your au pair can handle drop-offs, pick-ups, and provide care for both children seamlessly.

    Reliable and consistent care in your home

    With an au pair living in your home, you have the assurance of consistent care for your children. Unlike traditional childcare options, an au pair provides personalised care for your children within the familiar setting of your own home. They can adapt to your family’s specific routines, preferences, and individual needs. This stability can be particularly beneficial for families with varying work schedules or frequent travel commitments.

    Holiday care

    Holiday care is also a breeze with an au pair. During school breaks, most au pairs willingly work additional hours to offer vacation care. They can organise outings to parks, swimming pools, or even plan special trips to the zoo. Alternatively, you can even bring your au pair along on your family holiday, allowing you to enjoy some adult time while knowing your children are well cared for. If you desire some private family time, our au pairs are also content to explore Australia independently or care for your pets in your own home.

    Au pairs as mentors

    Our au pairs can also serve as mentors to your children. Whether you want them to spend plenty of time at the park or assist with reading, you have the autonomy to set these priorities. During your consultation, we will discuss these considerations to match you with an au pair who possesses the skills and interests important to your family.

    Au pair support for all ages

    The au pair program caters to families with children of all ages. We have families with newborns seeking extra help with energetic toddlers, working parents with children in primary school, and even families where the au pair supports teenagers with homework, exam preparations, healthy after-school snacks, and transportation to various activities and events. However, we do not advise or recommend assigning sole care responsibilities to an au pair for children under one year old.

    Positive role model

    Our au pairs often become positive role models for host children, fostering strong relationships and offering guidance and support. They can engage in various activities, play games, assist with homework, and encourage personal growth and development.

    Cultural exchange

    Hosting an au pair provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, allowing your family and children to learn about different customs, traditions, and languages first-hand.

    Language development

    Having an au pair who speaks a different native language can be an excellent way for your children to learn and improve their language skills. Daily interactions and conversations with your au pair can greatly enhance their language development.

    Additional household assistance

    Au pairs can assist with light housework related to the children, such as tidying bedrooms, doing their laundry, or preparing simple meals. This additional help can alleviate some of the household responsibilities for busy parents.

    Long-term connections

    Hosting an au pair can lead to long-lasting connections and friendships. Many families and au pairs maintain relationships even after the program ends, creating bonds that extend beyond the duration of the au pair's stay.


    And last but not least, our au pair program offers a cost-effective solution compared to other childcare options. Hosting an au pair typically involves providing room and board, along with a weekly stipend, which can be more affordable than hiring a full-time nanny or utilising day care services.

Want flexible childcare? Find an au pair!

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