Our au pair program costs consist of an activation fee and a placement fee. In addition, the au pair receives weekly pocket money and a bonus after their 6 month placement. The placement fee and pocket money guidelines differ in relation to each au pair category.

Program fees for our au pair program include:

  • Getting started: activation fee to begin your search
    Once we receive your application, we will set up a consultation to discuss your needs. If you would like to commence your au pair search after chatting, we will process the activation fee ($300 for new families).
  • Finding your dream au pair: our super screening process
    When it comes to screening, we do it for you! Our international partners thoroughly screen our au pairs to provide comprehensive profiles, including a motivational letter, pictures, references, and a medical and police check.
  • Finding your perfect match: personalised shortlist of Smart Au Pairs
    Once we know what you are looking for in an au pair, our dedicated matching team will commence your au pair search. We will provide a shortlist of suitable au pairs for you to review and interview. You may interview as few or as many as you please. We will also provide you with an interview guide to commence the interviewing process.
  • We are there for you: Smart Au Pairs support
    Our team will assist you with any questions you have about welcoming your au pair. You will receive an Au Pair Handbook prior to your au pair’s arrival. During your au pair's stay, we will organise au pair events to help your au pair to make friends. We will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure a smooth experience for both your family and au pair.
  • Aftercare: supporting host families every step of the way
    Smart Au Pairs provides support throughout the entirety of your au pair placement. We follow up regularly, offer a free 30-day replacement guarantee, and ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire au pair journey. Should your au pair wish to extend beyond the initial 6-month placement, we will assist them with the necessary paperwork.

Only $100 Activation Fee

For au pair starting in August and September 2024, start interviewing now! *Saving $200(!)

Program fees 2024

Kindly note that fees are subject to change. To be eligible for the return family fee, your most recent au pair placement must have commenced within the last 12 months. Check our special offers page to see if we have a promotion.

All our au pairs receive weekly pocket money and a $600 bonus after 6 months. Below are our pocket money guidelines. Please visit our pocket money page to learn more about this topic.

Program feesNew family fee
Return family fee
Activation fee$ 300$ 200
Placement fee Silver$ 950$ 850
Placement fee Gold$ 1,350$ 1,250
Placement fee Diamond$ 1,750$ 1,650
Extension fee$ 300$ 300

Smart Au Pair roles and pocket money

At Smart Au Pairs we offer three different au pair roles: Silver, Gold and Diamond. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss which au pair suits your family's specific needs.



Beginner English skillsIntermediate-good English skills*More experienced*
Good English skills
Babysitting experienceAdditional childcare experience such as babysitting, tutoring, sport coaching, kindergarten internship, summer camp etcMost have 6 months childcare experience of a Childcare Qualification

Better prepared for additional au pair duties, including care for children under 2 years old
Often non-driversUsually driversUsually drivers
Pocket money guideline:Pocket money guideline:Pocket money guideline:
$300 for up to 30 hours per week$300 for up to 30 hours per week$350 for up to 30 hours per week
$350 for up to 35 hours per week$350 for up to 35 hours per week$400 for up to 35 hours per week
+ $600 bonus after 6 months+ $600 bonus after 6 months+ $600 bonus after 6 months

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