Why Host an Au Pair

A live-in nanny is the ultimate extra pair of hands – and hosting an au pair makes it an affordable solution. Transform your hectic daily life into a balanced bliss by sharing your childcare chores.

As parents, you will not only get the luxury of knowing that your kids are well cared in your own home, you get the extra benefits of time for the gym and a bonus date-night, improving quality of life for your entire family.

Becoming a host mum will make you a more balanced mum who can manage family, home and work with confidence
– it’s a life-changing experience.

Only 10 AUD Activation Fee if you apply before the 15th of August 2022.

What if you had a chance to seize an opportunity that could change your family life forever?

We assist many experienced families with their placement as well as families who are totally new to the program.

This is a proven 5 step process that we have designed to enhance your au pair experience. Each step is designed to leverage our expertise and International connections to maximize your success.

Join the thousands of host families who have changed their lives, make life-long friends and experience the unforgettable joy of help for your busy family.

Is this the Program for me?

The au pair care program is open to families of all backgrounds with the curiosity and commitment to embark on a journey of live-in childcare, including:

  • • Families with working parents who need the au pair to help with childcare before and after school or maybe provide one-to-one care for a pre-school child during the working day, and
  • • Families with a busy stay at home parent who needs help with school runs and childcare during peak times to assist with multiple activities, having more quality time with each child at different times.

Most host families find that their au pair is so much more that a live-in child care solutions and truly becomes part of the family and a life-long friend. Many families ask their au pairs to also assist with some homework, reading, child related light housework, meal preparation and kids laundry.

For all families, this program provides an incredible opportunity to get flexible and affordable childcare help, more time for the fun parts of parenting and to move through life with greater joy, passion and ease.

What you Will Personally Get from the Program

The consultation process – we provide a free family consultation to establish if au pair care is right for you. You will be introduced to a dedicated member of our team who will take time to get to know you and will guide and support you every step of the way.

Preparation is key – our au pair training material combined with your family handbook goes beyond daily schedules and house rules, allowing for a deeper experience of the settling in process and the benefits of the au pair program.

The recruitment & screening – We recruit and screen through a wide network of established professional partners in the country where the au pair comes from. We design and structure our recruitment methodically – enabling our au pairs to start the program confidentially from a solid foundation.

Worldwide connections – we connect your family with a young person from another country. We connect your au pair with other au pairs and young travelers to truly experience Australia and give your au pair a chance to live as a local during the week have fun with new-found friends from all over the world during the weekend.

We source your next au pair – stress free sourcing for the next au pair as we know your host family’s preferences and timings.

Smartaupairs is truly unique and all au pairs and families feel supported, respected and accepted from the moment they begin their journey.

This program provides a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of modern life, including:

  • • Dressing or helping to dress/wash/bathe children before or after nursery, playgroup or school
  • • Nappy changing or potty-training
  • • Preparing breakfast for children
  • • Taking/collecting children to/from kindy, playgroup, school, appointments, clubs, or outings
  • • Driving (family to arrange driving assessment, lessons and insurance and ensure they are satisfied with the Au Pair’s driving skills)

  • • Preparing children for bedtime
  • • Making children’s beds and keeping children’s rooms tidy and clean
  • • Preparing simple meals for the children
  • • Helping to prepare family meals
  • • Occasional cooking for the whole family
  • • Clearing the table, loading and unloading the dishwasher or washing up at meal times

  • • Vacuuming, Dusting, Tidying
  • • Keeping own room clean and tidy (and bathroom if en-suite)
  • • Assistance with laundry; loading and unloading the washing machine, tumble dryer or hanging out & folding washing
  • • Occasional shopping for food and other items (*not weekly shop for the entire family!)
  • • Help with children’s school work

Your childcare costs per week

For many working parents, child care is one of the most expensive items in an already-squeezed budget.

Here is an average of your weekly costs, regardless of the number of children your au pair cares for.

Agency fee based on Silver = $300 + $895

Weekly minimum pocket money = $250

Au Pair completion payment = $500

Your Childcare costs based on 6 months (26 weeks) = $316 per week

What They Are Saying About Us

Our host family says it all:

“There is no need to rush back from work as there is no ‘closing time’. If your child is sick, your care can simply continue as usual. If you have children in school and little ones at home, your au pair can care for both at no extra cost. It’s a bit like having a live-in nanny but much more informal and family orientated!”

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