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Transforming daily life and balance

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13 December 2022
Seeking assistance for a single mother

As a single mother facing health issues, I knew I needed help to balance work and seek the medical support I required. The idea of having an au pair became increasingly appealing, offering the much-needed assistance I sought. During a casual Tinder date (lol), I got introduced to Smart Au Pairs and a friend of mine has also mentioned it before. As they were both positive, I thought to give it a try.

My amazing experience with Smart Au Pairs and their support

From the moment I reached out, I received exceptional support from Camilla, who made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Her dedication and understanding of my unique situation were invaluable. Throughout the whole placement process, the support provided by the team was really good! They understand my family’s specific needs, ensuring that the au pairs matched with us were well-suited to our situation. This personalized approach greatly contributed to a positive experience for both my family and our au pair.

Meet Emma – our perfect fit

When I first met Emma, the au pair selected for our family, I immediately felt a connection. Her kindness, intelligence, and friendly character shined through our initial Zoom conversation. I knew she would be a great fit for our family.

Emma, a 19-year-old French au pair, brought a vibrant energy into our home. Coming from a family with two younger sisters, she understood the dynamics of family life and adapted seamlessly. Her fluency in English and active nature made her an ideal companion for my children.

Transforming daily life and balance

Having Emma as our au pair has been life-changing for my family. With her invaluable support, I can focus on work, attend medical appointments, and maintain my mental well-being. The relief and peace of mind I experience knowing my children are in capable hands is immeasurable.

Emma's contributions to our family go far beyond simple childcare duties. She actively engages with the children, helping them with reading, educational activities, and even teaching them a few French words. She is teaching my little one how to write her name and does a lot of puzzles and drawing with them.

Emma is the big sister!

Over time, Emma has become a real part of our family and has become a big sister to my kids. The bond they share is heartwarming, and I know they will miss her dearly when she eventually leaves.
Emma's French background has added a beautiful touch of cultural enrichment to our lives. From introducing new foods to teaching the children a different language, her presence has broadened our horizons and provided a unique learning experience for my kids.

Cherished memories

Our journey with Emma has been filled with memorable moments. Celebrating Easter together and embarking on a delightful trip to the snow are just a couple of highlights that have brought us closer as a family.

Choose an au pair via Smart Au Pairs

Reflecting on our transformative experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Smart Au Pairs to other families seeking an au pair. The invaluable support and stress relief they provide are immeasurable. For anyone struggling to balance work, personal needs, and childcare, an au pair from Smart Au Pairs can be the solution that eases the stress and brings joy back into family life.

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