Our au pairs, here’s a small selection…


Nienke from The Netherlands
Nienke is Dutch and wants to be au pair in Australia. Nienke has done lots of babysitting and works as a gymnastics coach for children. She is doing her exams at the moment and wants to take a gapyear before she starts her university studies. She is looking for a caring host family where she can look after the kids during the week and meet up with friends during the weekend. SILVER au pair.

Rose from The Netherlands
Let me introduce you to Rozemarijn or Rose. Rose is 23 and she will be a qualified speech therapist by the time she travels to Australia. Rose has done lots of babysitting and also a speech therapist internship. She enjoys singing and song writing and has even written songs in English. She also likes treasure hunts. DIAMOND au pair

Lea from Germany
Lea from Germany wants to be au pair in Australia. Her introduction shows that she has knows how to combine responsibility with fun. You can see that she is very sporty has a lot of experience with children from being a sports club leader to doing an internship in kindergarten. GOLD au pair.

Pauline from Germany
Pauline has extensive childcare experience. She has been working with pre-mature born and newborn babies at the hospital. She bathes, wraps and feeds the babies and gives them medical care. She has a healthy lifestyle, keeps fit, rides her push bike to work and likes ‘clean’ food. DIAMOND au pair


Pia from Germany
Pia is German and wants to be au pair in Australia. Pia will be 18 in August and enjoys dancing and horse riding. She has been driving for over a year and has a wide array of childcare experience including 2 internships in kindergartens, English tutoring and helping refugee children with homework. She has also been on 2 school exchanges! SILVER au pair.

Nadja from Germany
Let me introduce you to Nadja. She will do her exams this year and then she wants to travel to Australia as an au pair. She used to dance and play in a band and likes reading. She has childcare and household experience and she has been on an exchange program in the UK. SILVER au pair

Vivienne from The Netherlands
Vivienne from The Netherlands wants to be au pair in Australia. Her childcare experience includes being a scouts leader, looking after 10 children aged 4-7. She is very creative and likes to play with kids. She has been driving since 2015. GOLD au pair.

Antonia from Germany
Antonia is a very active person! Not only does she have plenty of childcare experience, she is also a volunteer with the local fire brigade. She has been driving since June 2016 and drives as often as she can. She enjoys soccer, hiking and skiing and guided a kids camp in Austria. SILVER au pair