Our au pairs, here’s a small selection…


Fieke from the Netherlands
Fieke is Dutch and wants to be Au Pair in Australia. Fieke hopes to graduate this summer from high school. She would love to be an Au Pair to gain new experiences, explore other cultures and meet new people. This summer she will work at a campsite in the animation team where she will spend a lot of time with kids. Do you think Fieke would fit within your family? Contact us now.

Marie from France
Marie is a 18 year old and lives in France. She is a very creative girl with lots of hobbies such as playing violin, running, cooking, reading and going to the beach. Marie has a lot of experience with children and in organising the best activities for them, never a dull moment! Marie would love to take care of your children, do you think she is your perfect match? Contact us now.

Lot from The Netherlands
Lot is very sporty and energenic. She plays field hockey and is a really close with her family. They love to do goard games, visit soccer games or play music togheter. Lot is creative and started babysitting when she was 12 years old. She organises training sessions and hockey camps for children and helps them with tutoring. Lot can’t wait to get started, do you want to know more about her? Contact us.

Matilde from Italy
Matilde is a very kind an patient girl who loves to work with kids. She educates kids of her church group and summer camp. She is also a scout and there she is plays a lot with children with the age of 8 till 12 years old. Matilde loves cooking, singing and playing guitar. Do you want to know more about her? Contact us. .


Lea from Germany
Lea from Germany wants to be au pair in Australia. Her introduction shows that she has knows how to combine responsibility with fun. You can see that she is very sporty has a lot of experience with children from being a sports club leader to doing an internship in kindergarten. GOLD au pair.

Pauline from Germany
Pauline has extensive childcare experience. She has been working with pre-mature born and newborn babies at the hospital. She bathes, wraps and feeds the babies and gives them medical care. She has a healthy lifestyle, keeps fit, rides her push bike to work and likes ‘clean’ food. DIAMOND au pair

Vivienne from The Netherlands
Vivienne from The Netherlands wants to be au pair in Australia. Her childcare experience includes being a scouts leader, looking after 10 children aged 4-7. She is very creative and likes to play with kids. She has been driving since 2015. GOLD au pair.

Antonia from Germany
Antonia is a very active person! Not only does she have plenty of childcare experience, she is also a volunteer with the local fire brigade. She has been driving since June 2016 and drives as often as she can. She enjoys soccer, hiking and skiing and guided a kids camp in Austria. SILVER au pair