Going through a professional au pair agency like Smart Au Pairs can save an enormous amount of time and hassle because we have the experience and the resources to find the best possible match of both the host family as the au pair. As we screen all our families, and our worldwide partners do the same with the au pairs, we will make sure to get the best candidates only.

What you gain by choosing Smart Au Pairs

Host family support

We are here to make your process quick and easy, ensuring thousands of busy families across Australia enjoy the benefit of our au pair program. Benefits of our program are:

  • Candidate selection: long-term relationships with international partner agencies offer you the best choice of screened au pairs. See our au pair success stories and application videos.
  • Hand-picked shortlist: after your consultation, we will provide you with a carefully curated shortlist of candidates. We go above and beyond to find the right fit for your family, encouraging a perfect match.
  • Bespoke matching system: host families log in via our matching system to view and contact multiple au pairs.
  • Expert guidance: with years of experience, we are well-equipped to answer any questions you throw our way. Your peace of mind is our priority.
  • Personal guidance: we have a small and dedicated team that is willing to help you with all the questions you have. We will be here for you throughout the whole process.
  • Easy templates: if you are unsure where to start with your candidate shortlist, don't worry! We have you covered with easy-to-use templates that will ensure you do not forget to ask those important questions.
  • Complete flexibility: our au pairs have flexible arrival dates. They will work in alignment with your needs to select an arrival date that suits your family.
  • Free rematch: If you are unhappy with your au pair, we offer you a free rematch within 30 days.
  • Market presence: we have been providing Australian families with au pairs for close to 20 years.

Au pair support

especially for our Smart Au Pairs
When your au pair arrives in Australia, we will support them as well as your family. We offer all our Smart Au Pairs the following support:
  • Au pair social events: we organise several events throughout the year in the main cities, every month in peak season. This allows your au pair to easily make friends and connect with others from all around the world.
  • Exclusive au pair WhatsApp groups: access to our Smart Au Pairs network. An easy way to arrange meet-ups and ask your questions.
  • Support: au pairs will receive a check in call shortly after arrival, phone/email and chat support throughout the whole placement, they can contact us anytime.
  • Guidance regarding WWCC, opening Australian bank account and SIM card: we help your au pair to get their Working With Children Check, to open an Australian bank account and setting up their SIM card. We will make sure all our au pairs got the information and help they need to make their placement successful.
  • Travel agent: an exclusive Smart Au Pairs travel agent to assist au pairs with all travel plans including discounts.

Partners & Members

our international network
We maintain close relationships with our screening partners, and many have personally visited us in Australia to gain a deeper understanding of the au pair program in Australia. We are very proud to be part of such a large international network.
  • Partners: our international partner agencies conduct rigorous screening and preparation with our candidates. Long before au pairs are introduced to your family; our trusted partners thoroughly review their applications.
  • IAPA members: we are passionate about Cultural Exchange and our partner agencies adhere to the highest standards of conduct in our industry as proud members of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA).
  • CAPAA Member: we are proud to be a founding member of the Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia (CAPAA) which was established in 2012 to ensure the setting of industry standards and to protect the au pair experience as a rewarding cultural exchange.
  • Australian partners: to provide our au pairs with the best possible experience, we collaborate with local businesses to arrange a wide range of events, camps, and exclusive travel discounts.

And let's not forget our super easy process to find your perfect au pair!