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Au Pair in Tamborine Mountain
3 April 2023

I'm Sam, 23 years old, from the Netherlands. Before becoming an au pair in Australia, I used to babysit kids in different homes. My mom says that I've been saying that I want to go to Australia since I was 6 years old. Last year I graduated, and I thought now was the perfect time to finally go to Australia. I've always loved kids, and this seemed like a good way to combine getting some money and traveling at the same time. I became an Au Pair in Australia in November 2022 through Travel Active, my local au pair agency.

Matching process

It took me from April 2022 to mid-September to find a suitable host family. I matched with them just in time to leave for Australia in November. My host family welcomed me warmly from the start, making me feel like a part of their family.

My host family

My host family consists of a lovely couple and their 19-month-old son. I had my own living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom for plenty of privacy.

My day as an au pair

A typical au pair day for me started around 8 AM. I took care of breakfast, dressing, and playtime with the little one. During his nap, I prepared his meals and tidied up. After he woke up, we engaged in various activities. The parents usually handled dinner and bath time, but occasionally, I helped out.

On Tuesday mornings, we went to a playgroup, and on Fridays, we enjoyed Rhyme Time at the library. On days with access to the car, I could take him anywhere. My primary responsibilities included feeding, changing diapers, playing, and reading to the child. There were countless good moments; we shared laughter and talked about everything.

My spare time in Australia

In my spare time, I visited the beach, went shopping, hung out with friends, and explored nearby places. I made friends through the Au Pair group chat and another chat with fellow Dutch travellers in Australia. I love the welcoming and friendly people in Australia. I attended a picnic organized by Smart Au Pairs during my third week in Australia, where I met some fellow au pairs.

Homesickness and other challenges

Midway through my stay, I experienced homesickness. It is normal to be a bit homesick when you are so far away from your family for the first time in your life. To overcome it, I discussed my feelings with my host family, took some personal space, and talked to my family back home.

Living with an Australian family exposed me to cultural differences and taught me to be more independent in activities like having lunch or going to the beach alone. In the Netherlands, I would never do these activities by myself but now I have realised that it is ok and totally not weird to do those things by yourself and I really enjoy it now.

My advice

Definitely go for it! It is a great way to learn about the country, travel and get money at the same time. I have only experienced positive things, so I would definitely recommend doing it.

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Sam's au pair moments

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