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What is an au pair?

by Smart Au Pairs
5 February 2022
    What is an au pair?

    An au pair is a live-in caregiver who offers personalised care within your household. Hosting an au pair is a flexible and affordable childcare option that also offers the benefit of cultural exchange. Au pairs are treated as members of your family and are provided the opportunity to experience the Australian lifestyle while improving their language skills. As a host family, you will provide family support to our Smart Au Pairs, including full board and pocket money, in exchange for childcare and household assistance. Typically, our au pairs assist for 25 to 35 hours per week.

    Au pairs are often referred to as a "parents’ helper" or "big sister/brother." Our au pairs have been through a thorough screening process by our international partners. This process includes English tests, reference checks, a medical check and the submission of references, an introductory letter, and accompanying pictures to make sure we find the best au pair for your family. In addition, most of our au pairs have a driver's license. Our au pairs can help you with school runs, homework, after-school activities, mealtimes, and light housework.

    By hosting an au pair, you not only gain reliable and dedicated childcare assistance, but also introduce your children to new cultures and perspectives. The presence of an au pair brings an element of excitement, learning and growth to your household, fostering a global mindset and expanding the horizons of everyone involved.

Essential Tasks

Smart Au Pairs offers comprehensive support in finding an au pair and provides ongoing assistance throughout the process. Your dedicated au pair can fulfil a range of essential tasks, including:

  • Assisting with waking up the children and preparing them for the day.
  • Teaching the kids how to tidy their room and make their beds.
  • Preparing breakfast and lunch for the children.
  • Taking care of breakfast dishes and managing dishwasher duties.
  • Ensuring that the children have their books and sports gear organized.
  • Transporting the children to and from school, sports activities, outings with friends, whether by car, walking, or using public transportation.
  • Entertaining the kids before or after school, visit parks, going to the zoo, playing and crafting.
  • Completing light housework, handling children's laundry and running small errands.
  • Preparing after-school snacks and simple evening meals.
  • Offering support with homework assignments.
  • Initiating engaging playtime and organizing various activities for the children.
  • Assisting children during bath time and preparing them for bed.

With Smart Au Pairs, you can rely on the expertise and assistance needed to ensure a seamless experience with your au pair, enabling your family to thrive.

Benefits and Support

For your Smart Au Pair, we offer a range of benefits and support, including:

  • The opportunity to be fully integrated into an Australian host family, experiencing daily life as a trusted "big sister or brother" figure, and immersing themselves in a new country.
  • Free board and accommodation in a comfortable, furnished bedroom within the host family's home.
  • Weekly pocket money to cover personal expenses.
  • A completion payment provided at the end of the 6-month program as a token of appreciation.
  • Two days off per week, allowing the au pair ample time to explore Australia and socialize with new friends.
  • Ongoing guidance, support, and training from the host family to ensure a smooth and fulfilling experience.
  • Transportation assistance to and from the host family's residence.
  • No sole responsibility for children under the age of 1, ensuring that the au pair's focus is primarily on childcare for older children.
  • No overnight sole care, providing the au pair with necessary rest and relaxation.
  • The main role of the au pair is dedicated to childcare, with limited light housework expected, typically around 1-2 hours per day maximum.

These provisions aim to create a positive and rewarding environment for our au pairs, promoting cultural exchange, personal growth, and the development of strong bonds within the host family. Get to know more about the au pair requirements.

Make your family's life easier, find an au pair!

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