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Why is our au pair program a cultural exchange?

by Smart Au Pairs
11 May 2021

Why is our au pair porgram a cultural exchange?

The Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia CAPAA, has sought legal advice to determine the nature of the relationship between an au pair, a placement agency, and a host family – specifically, whether it constitutes an employment arrangement. Understanding that each au pair experience is unique, families can refer to the following table to assess their own circumstances and gain insights into the differences between an employment relationship and an au pair relationship.

It's now easier than ever for host families to ensure that the program remains a true cultural exchange experience. At Smart Au Pairs, we are extremely passionate about preserving the cultural enrichment aspect of the program. To better understand why our dedicated host families participate, we talked to our Smart Au Pair families to gain some feedback on WHY they choose this program.

What aspects of cultural exchange do host families appreciate the most?
  • The au pair shares language, stories and songs in their native language, adding a multicultural touch to their learning.
  • Building lasting friendships with people from all around the world is an ongoing benefit of the au pair program.
  • It's heartwarming to see your au pair participating as a family member - cheering at the kids’ rugby games and netball tournaments, demonstrating genuine support.
  • Our au pairs introduce exciting new dishes and prepare traditional meals, expanding the family's culinary horizons.
  • Big BBQ parties, filled with laughter and shared moments, are a regular occurrence thanks to the au pair program.
  • Backyard cricket matches have become a beloved tradition, fostering a sense of togetherness and friendly competition.
  • Family holidays to South Australia have become more special as the au pair joins, adding joy and exploring new places with the family's relatives.
  • The bookshelf is now adorned with enchanting tales from Dutch, French and Canadian cultures, thanks to the au pair program.
  • Exchanging gifts that reflect their respective countries has become a delightful tradition between the family and the au pair.
  • The family envisions their children becoming au pairs in the future, inspired by the amazing experiences they've had.
  • Au pairs often bring toys or games from their home country, sparking creativity and cultural exchange. The current au pair is even teaching the kids origami!
  • The au pair receives a special invitation to attend a live AFL game, enjoying a shared passion for sports.
  • Even on her days off, the au pair joins the kids' soccer training and games, showing dedication and fostering a strong bond.
  • The au pair and kids share a love for art, spending time together drawing, painting, and exploring their creativity.
  • The family and au pair had an unforgettable experience attending the vibrant Tulip Festival in Melbourne.
  • Beach outings have become a cherished weekend activity, with the au pair always excited to join in on the fun.
  • The family transitioned from hosting exchange students to au pairs, discovering the many similarities and benefits of cultural exchange.
  • Exploring attractions like the Blue Mountains, Newcastle, and the local zoo has become a tradition with every au pair.
  • Host parents believe the amazing support from their au pairs over the years have enabled them to have full-time jobs and care for their two children.
  • When relatives are not nearby to assist, having an au pair eliminates the need to bring in additional family members for caregiving support.
  • The au pair program's blend of cultural exchange and practical assistance has enabled host families to thrive with the dedicated support of their au pairs.

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