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My day as an au pair

by Marie
25 September 2023
My name is Marie and I am a Smart Au Pair in Australia. In my Succes Story, I told you all about my experiences. Do you want to know what my day as an au pair looks like? Read my work schedule below.

My day as an au pair

My au pair work schedule is as follows:

Morning routine
I woke up around 6 AM as the host mom left for work early. After that, the children and I had breakfast together. I helped with lunchboxes, dressing, hairstyling, and played with Reed. At around 8:20 am, we dropped Saige off at the school bus stop. As Saige was 6 years old, she went to school every day. Reed was at preschool, he only went to school two days a week, and stayed home with me the rest of the time.

During school hours
Reed and I spent some quality time together while Saige is at school. We did lots of things, either go to the park, swimming pool, library, playground, or we would do some activities at home or cook. At noon I prepared his lunch, and my host mum came home to eat with us. When she went back to work, Reed was allowed to watch some TV and then we continued to play together.

After school hours
At 3.45 PM, we left to pick up Saige from the bus and went back home. I took care of putting her lunchbox away and my host mum came home again around 4 PM. Around 6 PM I often helped my host mom with some simple cooking and then we all ate together. After dinner, my host mom bathed the children and put them to bed. During the day I had some additional tasks around the household and kids. It was up to me to do the kids' laundry and make sure their sheets were clean. I needed to wash it, hang it up and put it away. I also had to make sure to clean the mess we created sometimes while playing or baking. Other than that, I had to clean my own room and sometimes run some little errands.

Lots of free time!
I had a lot of free time as my au pair day finished at 4 PM. Then I was able to do whatever I wanted. I often went to the gym, met with friends, or went for a run. I had all my weekends off and therefore I had a lot of time to really enjoy Australia. I discovered a lot of places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Newcastle, and the incredible Blue Mountains.
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