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Top 10 reasons to be an au pair in Australia

by Smart Au Pairs
11 October 2021

Being an au pair in Australia is a popular choice, and it is easy to see why! Australia offers a multitude of reasons to love the au pair experience, ranging from its delightful climate and welcoming people to its breathtaking landscapes. Let's explore the top 10 reasons why being an au pair in Australia is truly special.

1. Good climate: Even during winters, Australia boasts mild weather in comparison to European winters. This means ample opportunities to venture outside and relish the outdoors all year round. With Australians' affinity for water activities, don't forget to pack your swimwear and embrace the local pools and pristine white beaches.

2. Home and outdoor lifestyle: Many host families in Australia reside in beautiful homes, some featuring spacious gardens or pools, while others are located near stunning beaches or picturesque bush areas. Australians cherish outdoor living, with many homes boasting outdoor kitchens and relaxing indoor/outdoor spaces. As an au pair, this offers a unique experience distinct from overseas living.

3. Social and welcoming people: Australians are renowned for their warm and welcoming nature. The Australian culture places significant emphasis on social connections, granting you opportunities to expand your social circle beyond your host family. Consider joining a team sport or social club and immerse yourself in the famous Australian hospitality.

4. Cultural diversity: Australia is renowned for its cultural diversity and multicultural society. As an au pair, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich blend of cultures, traditions, and languages. Interacting with people from various backgrounds will broaden your horizons and enhance your global perspective.

5. English language skills: English is the primary language spoken in Australia, making it an ideal destination for au pairs looking to improve their English language skills. Living and communicating in an English-speaking environment will boost your language proficiency and provide a valuable advantage for future academic or career pursuits.

6. Food: Australia is famous for its abundant fresh produce, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, seafood, and exquisite wines. As an au pair, you will be encouraged to taste the local bounty. Explore the vibrant food markets, seek recommendations from your host family for local restaurants, or indulge in food and wine tours in your area.

7. Safety and security: Australia is known for its high safety standards and overall security. As an au pair, you can feel assured that you are in a secure environment, providing peace of mind for both you and your host family.

8. Opportunity to explore: Australians have a deep-rooted love for travel and exploration, and chances are your host family will be eager to show you the must-visit tourist spots in their region. Throughout Australia, you will find numerous campsites and visitor centres, making it effortless to plan day trips and discover the wonders of your host state. Take advantage of weekends or time off to embark on adventures with fellow au pairs. Some fortunate au pairs even get to accompany their host families on vacations across Australia or even abroad, offering the opportunity to explore more of Australia and potentially other countries as well. Reach out to our travel partner to set up your next travel adventure.

9. Strong au pair community: Australia has a thriving au pair community, offering a supportive network of fellow au pairs who share similar experiences and interests. Through local events, meet-ups, and online platforms, you can connect with other au pairs, participate in cultural exchange activities, and make lifelong friendships. Being part of a supportive community can enhance your social experience and provide a sense of belonging during your au pair journey in Australia.

10. Wildlife and nature: Australia is renowned for its unique wildlife and diverse natural environments. From kangaroos and koalas to the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback, you'll have the opportunity to encounter fascinating flora and fauna that can't be found anywhere else. Exploring Australia's national parks, conservation areas, and wildlife sanctuaries will provide you with unforgettable encounters with the country’s incredible biodiversity.

When choosing your country for your au pair experience, it is essential to consider your personal preferences, goals and interests. From our point of view: Australia has it all, but of course it is your decision to make! 😊 

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