Flexible Childcare

Many parents find childcare a daily challenge as they juggle between daycare, after school care and family members helping out. Our host families always tell us how much they like the flexibility of the au pair program.

Hosting an au pair in your family puts you in control; there is no need to rush back from work as there is no ‘closing time’, if your child is sick, your care can simply continue as usual. If you have children in school and little ones at home, your au pair can care for both at no extra cost.

What makes the au pair program so flexible is the fact that the au pair lives with you and cares for several children at once, all in the same place; your home!

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Above and Beyond

An au pair is so much more than ‘9-5’ as you are not bound by closing times and you can schedule the au pair timetable to suit your family’s needs. This is especially helpful for parents working shifts or with unpredictable finishing times at work.

It also means that, should you need a babysitter for the evening, you already have someone familiar and does not to be dropped home late at night.

No need to make separate arrangements If you have one child of pre-school age and another in primary school, your au pair can drop-off and pick up and care for both.

Holiday Care

During school holidays, most au pairs work extra hours to provide vacation care. Outings to the park or swimming pool or some days a special trip to the zoo maybe organized by your au pair. Alternatively, you may take your au pair on holiday with you to have a bit of ‘adult time’ scheduled too!

The flexible nature of the au pair program means that you as a parent decide what’s important.

You are not tied into fixed scheduled for your children. If your child is sick; your au pair can stay at home to care, so there is no need for you to cancel work arrangements.

Au pairs as Mentors

If you want the au pair to spend lots of time in the park with your child or helping her read, this is what you decide to make a priority.  We even discuss this with you during your consultation to find an au pair with the skills and interests important to your family.

The au pair program can work for all ages. We have mums with newborns wanting extra help with a busy toddler, working parents with children in primary school but also some families where the au pair helps teenage kids with homework, staying on track with exam preparations, healthy after school snacks and transport to the cinema!


YES! I want more flexible care!

Hosting an au pair in your family puts you in control; there is no need to rush back from work as there is no closing time. Come home to relaxed kids in pyjamas.