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All au pairs will be trained!

by Jackie
1 November 2023

We have some exciting news to share with you! From November 2023, all au pairs will complete a First Aid & Au Pair online training course before commencing with your host family. This training ensures that au pairs are well-prepared for their au pair adventure in Australia. They learn about:

  • Understanding children:
    Au pairs will gain knowledge about children's developmental stages, age-appropriate activities, and behaviour management.
  • Basic childcare:
    Au pairs will acquire fundamental childcare skills, including holding a baby, changing diapers, preparing bottles and food, dressing children, maintaining hygiene, managing bath time, and bedtime routines.
  • Safety at home:
    Au pairs will receive education on home safety basics, pet safety, handling natural disasters, and emergency responses.
  • First aid and medical:
    This part covers knowledge related to handling serious injuries and illnesses, managing cuts, scrapes, bleeding, head injuries, fractures, bumps, bruises, recognizing signs of abuse, addressing burns, bites, stings, allergies, asthma, medication safety, dealing with poisons, choking incidents, and more.
  • Safety out and about:
    This section addresses safety measures when taking children outdoors, including sun and heat exposure, car safety, water safety, using wheeled vehicles, ensuring playground safety, backyard safety, and farm safety.
  • Au pair training:
    Au pairs will benefit from comprehensive information about becoming an au pair, managing cultural differences, connecting with host families and new friends, understanding expectations, and ensuring their personal safety.

If you want to know more about this training, please visit this page.

While this it is a complimentary service for our au pairs, we extend a 10% discount to anyone interested in enrolling in this course

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