Why Use An Au Pair Agency?

What have swooping magpies got to do with au pairs?

Magpies get a bad rap for being dangerous menaces during their breeding season, but aren’t they just protecting their young?

It’s a natural instinct for these birds, just as it is deeply instinctive for us humans.  When we have children, we do everything we can to protect them.  We take every possible precaution, anticipate risk and put things in place to avoid or at least, lessen any possible hazards.

Which brings us to the subject of au pairs.

An au pair is a young person, generally a foreigner, who comes into the lives of a family for up to a year, shares their home, eats meals with them and is also given the responsibility of looking after the children.

But like the humble magpie, parents are fiercely protective of their young.  So why trust a complete stranger to look after their precious family?  Doesn’t that go against our natural instincts?

Here’s the thing.  If you use an au pair agency, the person who comes into your home and your family’s life isn’t actually a stranger.

The person is carefully screened and chosen so that their qualities and character match those of your family.  The agency gets to know the au pairs very well before making any recommendations to the family and they get to know your family beforehand too, so that there’s a personal touch and the best matches are put forward.

And when the right person is chosen as an au pair, the benefits to the family are enormous.  Many of them establish very close bonds with the family, becoming a big ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ to the younger members and playing a vital role in helping parents maintain a balanced, organised and well-run home.

When you go through an au pair agency, you have total peace-of-mind that everything will be done by the book.   And that applies to both the applicant and the host family.

They follow thorough screening processes and procedures.  They do medical and police checks.   They have an extensive database and a global network to source the most suitable candidates.   They offer a comprehensive support and mediation service.  They know how important it is for families to get someone who fits their family dynamic and who shares their parenting approach.

They also provide the appropriate resources like step-by-step guides, au pair invitations and handbooks to help parents with the interview process and to help au pairs assimilate into their new community.

Of course, it is possible to find an au pair without going through an agency.  Places like Gumtree, Facebook and newspapers are full of posts from young people looking to au pair in Australia and discover our unique lifestyle and culture.  But that process may not always be hassle-free.  Or stress-free.  Or even risk-free.

Going through a registered au pair agency in Australia is best for both the au pair and the host family and it means:

  • Thoroughly screened candidates and host families
  • Medical and police checks
  • Verified documents
  • Personal touch through telephone chats and Skype calls
  • Hand-picked matches
  • Comprehensive support
  • Understanding of Australian regulations

Hiring an au pair is an affordable and viable solution for many Australian parents and demand is increasing all the time.  Wherever you live, whether you need au pairs in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, using a reputable, registered and award-winning au pair agency like Smart Au Pairs could be the best thing you can do for your family.

Don’t leave anything to chance.  Just as the magpies will do anything to protect their young, making an informed choice when it comes to au pairs will soothe your protective instincts too.  To find out more about hiring an au pair in Australia or becoming one, have a chat to the friendly team at Smartaupairs on 02 9451 3888 or visit www.smartaupairs.com.au.







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