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Getting an au pair is life-changing!

Hosting in Melbourne
30 September 2022
Seeking a solution for our busy family

We were struggling to find a childcare option that worked for our family, that offered the flexibility required, given we both work full time and Joel works shift work that changes weekly. A friend shared her great experience with Smart Au Pairs, and we thought it would be a great option for us too!

Smart Au Pairs’ support

Throughout our journey, Smart Au Pairs provided unwavering support and guidance. Camilla, our contact at Smart Au Pairs, was a constant source of assistance, promptly addressing any questions or concerns we had. Her dedication and commitment made the placement process smooth and hassle-free. Smart Au Pairs supports both: us as a host family and also our au pair with any questions or issues we have.

Finding the perfect match

As a host family, you get a list of au pairs to choose from selected by Smart Au Pairs. The majority have been such great matches for our family that makes it often very difficult to choose. In the end we make our decision based on the connection we had during our call, over anything else – we believe relationship and a genuine connection is the most important element for both parties to have a great experience.

Sarah: our remarkable Smart Au Pair

Among the au pairs we were introduced to, Sarah stood out. She is from the Netherlands, and was only 18 years old but very mature for her age. She had previous experience with babysitting and providing family day care. It was evident from our initial interview that Sarah has an innate talent for connecting with kids—a true passion of hers. Becoming an au pair was a long-held aspiration, inspired by the wonderful stories shared by her mother and cousin, both of whom had embarked on similar journeys as au pairs in the past. Sarah's outgoing, fun-loving nature and boundless energy radiate positivity. She is proactive, dependable, and effortlessly builds rapport with everyone she encounters.

The cultural exchange

Sarah has shared lots of Dutch music, which we have grown to love! She has taught us some Dutch sayings and words, along with lots of Dutch songs for the kids. She often talks Dutch to our youngest while doing activities. Additionally, Sarah has introduced us to some yummy Dutch food and her favourite recipes like apple crumble cake.

Positive growth and development

Sarah’s presence has contributed to our children’s growth and development. She helped our kids to have good manners and to think about their behaviour at times. She is very open to tell the kids when she doesn’t like something or if their behaviour is not right and she does that very well! Describing them how they have made her feel or how their behaviour can have negative implications. She has helped our eldest child to read and learn new words and has encouraged them all to ride bikes (yes, typically Dutch). She has also taken the kids swimming many times and is encouraging them to learn how to swim.

Unforgettable moments

Our journey with Sarah has been filled with memorable experiences. One standout moment was a challenging bike ride at Point Nepean, where Sarah's unwavering support and impressive riding skills (with no hands!) uplifted the kids and made it an enjoyable adventure. However, it's often the everyday moments—singing at the top of our lungs to an Australian song in the car or dancing together in the living room—that have created lifelong memories. The kids will have a forever bond with her. They wish Sarah goodnight in Dutch and even give her kisses and cuddles all the time and tell her that they love her. It will be really hard to say goodbye.

Smart Au Pairs recommendation

Getting Smart Au Pairs in our lives has been life changing for us! Both having the extra hands of flexibility to take the pressure off, but also to have someone else join the family and make so many memories that we will never forget. It is such a good program with well arranged support. I would highly recommend Smart Au Pairs.

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