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100 points check

by Smart Au Pairs
4 November 2018

100 points check

What is the 100 points check?
The 100 Point Check is a system used by the Australian Government to prevent fraud in financial transactions. It is a way to confirm the identity of people opening new accounts, such as your Australian bank account.

Here is how it works:
Different types of identification documents are assigned points. To open an account, you need to show documents that add up to at least 100 points. This system now also applies when getting official documents like an Australian passport or driving license.

Example: You get 70 points for your current passport or birth certificate, 40 points for a medicare card or credit card, 35 points for a document of your employer within the last two years and 25 points for a foreign drivers licence. Allow your host family to assist you in preparing for the 100 Point Check and ensure you have all the required points.
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