Au Pair RonjaPocket money guidelines

To ensure a fair exchange and keep the au pair program in the spirit of Cultural Exchange, the following au pair pocket money is recommended using the average cost of ‘room and board’ in a home stay program** ($350 per week).

We recommend that a routine week should be no more than 35 hours and that weekends are kept free, except for occasional babysitting, so that the au pair can enjoy time with friends, exploring Australia. While it is ultimately at the discretion of the host family how much pocket money they provide to their au pair, we provide a guide to ensure consistency of treatment across Australia.

However, we suggest that in determining how much pocket money is provided to the au pair that the family have consideration for and recognise the assumption of any extra assistance with the children by the au pair, including during school holidays or to stay home with a sick child.

After 6 months, au pair receives completion payment of $500

**Source – Average Homestay pricing adults 7 days a week, 3 meals a day in single room

Your au pair pays for background check, flights, visa, gap year travel insurance and Working with Children’s Check/Bluecard (on arrival in Australia). 

The host family is responsible for ‘onward travel’, either airport collection or, for regional locations, a connecting flight.

Find affordable childcare

Basic au pair role, no more than 30 hours

minimum $200 per week

Most families pay $250-$300

  • Suited to Silver/Gold au pairs
  • 4-5 days per week – approx. 5-6 hours per day – most weeks 25-30 hours per week, occasionally up to 35
  • Help with childcare; school run, homework, playtime
  • Some babysitting and light housework
  • Free time minimum 2 full days per week, most weekends
  • Diamond Au Pair – Minimum $360 per week

Extended au pair role, for up to 35 hours per week. Pocket money minimum $290, recommended $300

If you regularly need up to 35 hours of help with occasional spike to up to 40 hours (school holidays, sick child)

  • Suited to Silver/Gold au pairs
  • 4-5 days per week -flexible – often helping for up to 35 hours, ideally suited to busy working parents
  • Help with childcare; school run, homework, playtime plus some family cooking, caring for 3 or more children
  • Some babysitting and light housework
  • Free time minimum 2 full days per week, some weekends
  • Diamond Au Pair – Expect to pay $360-$450 approx. per week

Diamond au pairs,

extra per week

In relation to diamond au pairs, in recognition of their skillset, we recommend a minimum of $360 per week in pocket money.

  • Au pairs with more experience can be given more responsibility
  • Diamond au pairs are ideal for busy families with 4 or more children
  • Diamond au pairs are better prepared for ‘big roles’ with 2 or more children under 5 (not yet in school)
  • Diamond au pairs may provide limited sole care for babies 12 -24 months
  • Some of our Diamond au pairs have a teaching or tutoring background and are ideal to provide daily homework help



Au pair care is so affordable…

As au pair care is based on Cultural Exchange, your au pair’s motivation is to experience life in Australia as a member of the family. Pocket money is only ‘part of the award’, the enriching experience is the most important.

Updated July 2019