Program Costs

activation fee plus placement fee

  • Screening – Our comprehensive screening means you only get to see only profiles from candidates who are prepared and ready. This makes it easy and safe to find an au pair for your family.
  • Matching – After your telephone consultation with a member of our team, we will prepare a shortlist of au pairs for you. These candidates are listed to closely match your needs. We include a handy interview guide so you can get started right-away.
  • Support – Our friendly team talk to families every day to help them find the best match and prepare them for a successful experience. Trust our team to help you all the way.
  • Aftercare  – We will provide all the documentation and tools you need, when you need them. We follow up with host families and au pairs. All placements include a free 30 day replacement guarantee.

Activation fee to start your search


Once we have your complete application, we organise a telephone consultation.  After our call, we start your search with a non-refundable activation fee; $200 for returning** families or $300 for new families . Long term placement fee includes a 30 day free replacement.  Placements are for 6 months with option to extend.


**Double bonus for return families; Save $200 in total, $100 off activation fee AND $100 off the placement fee


How much does it cost to have an au pair? Fees are subject to change.

To qualify for return family fee your last au pair placement started within the last 12 months.


Fees 2020

From 1 January 2020 New Family Fee Return Family Fee**


Activation (Fee) $300 $200
Placement (Fee) Silver $895 $795
Placement (Fee) Gold $1195 $1095
Placement (Fee) Diamond $1695




Extension $300 $300

Supplements 2020

Native Speaker $200 $200
Minimum 21+ Age $200 $200
Australian First Aid Certificate $100 $100
Extension $300 $300


Silver $895

Placement fee for our long term au pairs with babysitting experience, lower-intermediate English and a keen interest in children. Some may be non-drivers and not many are confident to provide sole care for children under two. Pocket money expectation from $200-$250 per week (30 hours) or $290 per week for 35 hours.

Gold $1195

Placement fee for our long term au pairs with a little EXTRA; either more childcare experience or advanced language skills. Most gold au pairs are drivers.

Pocket money expectation from $200-$250 per week (30 hours) or $290 per week for 35 hours.

Diamond $1695

Placement fee for long term au pair with at least 6-12 months childcare work experience or who has studied childcare/teaching.

More generous pocket money applies, expect to pay $300 per week (30 hours) or $360 per week (35 hours). Diamond au pairs are able to take on more responsibility.

Short term from $550

We sometimes have candidates for short term placements. Fees start from $550 for Short term Silver.

Short term placements do not include a replacement guarantee.