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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section should answer all your questions. During the one-to-one telephone consultation we make sure we answer any remaining questions.

Questions for Host Families


What does an au pair do?

How much do we pay our au pair week to week?

What other costs do we need to think about?

How about holidays?

How about sick pay?

Can our au pair work extra hours?

Does my au pair pay tax and super?

How about insurance?

Do you perform background checks on au pairs?

What is an au pair arrival package?

How do ‘demi pairs’ differ from au pairs?

I have a child under 2; Can I expect my au pair to provide care?

Should I contribute to my au pair’s travel costs?

Will my au pair be able to drive?

Are all au pairs trained in first aid?

What’s the recommended insurance for au pairs?

How can my au pair keep in touch with home?

My au pair is unhappy

What are the Visa requirements?

How can I help my au pair find language classes?

Questions for Au Pairs

What kind of Visa do I need to au pair in Australia?

How can I meet other au pairs?

Do you perform background checks on families?

How many hours will I work, and what will I earn?

Will I have to pay for my flight?

Do I need insurance?

How can I improve my CV?

Are there ways of earning more money as an au pair?

How can I keep in touch with my family and friends?

What is the SmartAuPairs certificate?