Why You Should Take Your Au Pair On Your Next Family Holiday

Not all families are keen on the idea of taking their au pair on holiday with them, but there are many reasons why doing just that can help you have an even more enjoyable break. It can enable you and your partner to have some time out, the kids will enjoy having someone familiar to look after them and it also gives your au pair the opportunity to travel and see more of the country or even a new country if you are holidaying overseas.


If you take your au pair on holiday with you, they will be able to provide childcare at least some of the time that you are away. How much time they will spend looking after the kids will depend on your requirements and needs to be agreed upfront – before you even book the holiday – so that there are no uncomfortable misunderstandings during the trip.

You may want an extra pair of hands while on a flight, on the beach or at a busy theme park, particularly if you are travelling as a single parent. Perhaps your au pair can look after the children if you and your partner are adventure sport fans, or simply want to enjoy an evening show or romantic dinner. You may choose for your au pair to be on duty when one child has a nap so that you can enjoy some one-on-one time with another child.

Some hotels or resorts offer facilities for childcare or can source babysitters, but having your own au pair means that you know who is looking after your children and you can set up flexible arrangements that fit in with your requirements.

Cultural exchange

One of the reasons for being and hosting an au pair is the cultural exchange. Taking your au pair on a holiday enables her to learn more about Australia, or another country, if you are travelling internationally. You may be able to make suggestions or provide opportunities for her to be exposed to things that are different from the way things are where you live. Most au pairs become au pairs to enable them to explore more countries and travel as much as possible, so the majority of au pairs would jump at the chance to travel with your family

Vacation for your au pair

Your au pair will still get time off – perhaps more than at home when you are working – so she can use some of her time off to explore the area on her own. You can help her plan her holiday as well by sharing information about what activities she may like to do, or areas she may want to explore depending on her interests.

Part of the family

An au pair is regarded as ‘part of your family’ when she stays with you. A family holiday can be a time to get to know your au pair better, and to enjoy spending time with her if you get along well. It provides further opportunities for her to interact with your family and not just with the children.


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