Smartaupairs was the first IAPA Au Pair Agency member in Australia. The International Au Pair Association is the leading global trade Association for Au Pair Agencies and provides a code of conduct which signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity. Most of our International Partners are also members of IAPA.


Smartaupairs is a founding member of the Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia, the only recognised trade association in Australia for the Au Pair Industry. Members share ‘best practice’ and work closely together to protect and develop the au pair experience as a rewarding cultural exchange programme.


As we feel that the au pair program has strong connections with travel and tourism, we have connected with ATEC, the Australian Tourism Export Council. Many au pairs want to travel in Australia after the au pair program is finished as part of their Gap Year experience.

Find your winning au pair


Au au pairs are all amazing in their own way, even if not all of them can be crowned winner of the ‘Au Pair of the Year Award’. We can help you find a winning au pair for your family!