Why is au pair Cultural Exchange?

Today I took some time out to talk to some of our loyal host families to get feedback on their ‘WHY’. At Smartaupairs we are passionate about protecting the au pair program as a Cultural Exchange experience and here are some of the reasons why:

  • AP talks to the kids about ‘their country’ –
  • AP teachers the kids a few words of their home language –
  • Ongoing friendships all over the world –
  • AP came to Son’s big rugby games –
  • APs introduced new foods and cooked traditional meals –
  • Host Family prepared Aussie food such as Moreton Bay Bugs –
  • Host Family organised big BBQ parties with friends and family –
  • Backyard cricket –
  • Aussie Christmas on the Beach
  • Au Pair takes their daughter to netball training and matches –
  • Family holidays to South Australia (where they are from originally) AP comes along and stays with family relatives and visits remote areas –
  • Every au pair brings new food ideas –
  • Bookshelf now holds Dutch Fairytales, Danish Fairytales and picture book of Canada,
  • Family and au pair always exchange gifts to reflect their country –
  • Family wants her children to be au pair when they grow up –
  • Au Pairs have brought toys or games from ‘home’, current au par is teaching the kids origami
  • Family invites the au pair to live AFL game –
  • Kids play soccer so au pair comes along to training and games, even on her ‘days-off’ –
  • Au Pair and kids share a passion for drawing and painting and making art –
  • Family + au pair went to Tulip Festival in Melbourne –
  • Family go to the beach at least once every weekend, the AP always wants to come along –
  • Family evolved from hosting exchange students to au pairs, so many similarities!
  • Always takes every au pair to see: – Blue Mountains – Newcastle and central coast – Zoo
  • Mum says: we would not be able to have full time jobs and 2 kids if it wasn’t for the amazing support we have received from our lovely au pairs over the years.
  • If you do not have relatives nearby to help, you have to bring in extra family member to help with care.
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