Top 5 FAQs About Hosting an Au Pair

Hosting an au pair is an exciting experience that helps to alleviate much of the stress and pressure that many families face when choosing childcare options. However, having someone new in your home can be daunting for some families. It’s important to communicate openly and ask any questions you may have. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 frequently asked questions to help you get started on your journey to hosting an au pair.

How do we choose an au pair that suits our family?

One of the many benefits of working through an au pair agency is having the expertise of professionals who have experience working with families and au pairs from all walks of life. They’ll ask you all about your family, your lifestyle, what your requirements for childcare are and any other information that might be necessary to help find you the perfect match. All au pairs registered with an agency are usually required to give background information, references, list any qualifications they may have and all other relevant information. This is then compared and you will be matched with au pairs that the agency believes wll suit your family. You will then be able to interview the short listed candidates and select the au pair that suits your needs.

How much pocket money do I pay?

The minimum recommended pocket money for a 25-30 hour working week is $170 in Australia but this can vary and is negotiable depending on your au pair’s hours and the type of care you require.

What if I am unhappy?

Sometimes problems arise or things don’t work out quite as you expected and you may be concerned that you will be stuck in a situation that you are uncomfortable with. Sometimes differences in personality or culture may lead to a match that doesn’t work out. A reputable au pair agency will be able to do their best to sort out any misunderstandings and, if you are still unhappy, they can help you find a replacement au pair. Most agencies ask that au pairs and families give four weeks’ notice to allow them to make alternative arrangements.

Are all au pairs trained in first aid?

Not all au pairs are trained in first aid so it is important to discuss this if it is a requirement for your family. In Germany, a basic first aid course is part of the requirement for driving so some au pairs may already have first aid training depending on where they are from. Many families choose to arrange for their au pairs to take a first aid course on arrival so discuss this option with your au pair.

Should I find language classes?

Most au pairs generally don’t need to take language classes. They often have learned English at school and are looking for more practical experience to practice their language skills. If your au pair is interested in taking language classes, show them your local library, church or community centre or help them to look up other places that have affordable classes available. The only au pairs that will require language classes are demi-pairs from Korea whose program is designed to include language classes but these will be pre-arranged.


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