Smartaupairs team sponsor Christel in the Philippines

Through Plan International, we were introduced to Christel, her family and her community.

As an au pair agency, we talk to many families every day and enjoy making a difference by helping them find a nice au pair to be part of the family and help out to give parents a better work-life balance. We wanted to help a different family too, or, more specifically, a young girl who has very different challenges from the families and au pairs we deal with every day. We want to make a difference in her life and give her more opportunities for her future.

Christel is 5 years old and lives with her family in a house made of cane with a thatched roof and an earth floor. She lives with her mum and dad and 2 sister. The family uses wood for cooking and their main source of water is a well, 30 minutes away. Christel attends primary school and it takes approx. 45 minutes to reach school. Not all children in the Philippines attend school; although most go to primary school, by the time children reach high school, a shocking 40% is no longer in school.

We hope that our sponsorship with enable her to keep happy, healthy and allow her to finish high school.

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