International Au Pair of the Year

Here are our 3 nominations we selected from our very lucky families who nominated their phenomenal au pair to be in the running for the International Au Pair Association, Au Pair of the Year.

For this, we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the au pairs below. Here is a taste of what their host families said:



Shabnam quickly developed genuine relationships with our two children. Her keen sense of humour, together with an amazing knowledge of child behavior and a wisdom beyond her years combine to form the perfect mix of qualities for an au pair. In fact, I’ve picked up quite a few tricks from Shabnam along the way that will be useful in the future. For example, Shabnam has a great way of getting my 5 year old son to turn his behavior around by using humour. A well placed joke from Shabnam can change my son from being an overtired uncooperative monkey into a well behaved happy boy within minutes!

She also has an amazing sense for knowing when things are getting hectic with the kids and swooping in to help. For example, the other day I was home with the kids and Shabnam was off duty. I had to take an unplanned work call, meanwhile my 1 year old was carrying on and making the phone call very difficult for me. Shabnam appeared out of nowhere, took my daughter in her arms and off to play. She even changed my daughter’s dirty nappy – something no off-duty au pair should have to do!!!

We have found not only an exceptional au pair who has consistently gone above and beyond, but a lifelong honorary member of our family ….and a trusted friend.



Within weeks of her arrival I transitioned from home schooling my 4 young children to running a medical imaging business full time. At only 18 years of age, Johanna was able to calmly and efficiently run the household and care for the children. She maintained their exceptionally busy extracurricular schedule driving tirelessly to multiple locations every day, helped them with music practice, homework, organisation and down time.

Fostered discipline and character development, took kids on morning runs, prepared breakfast, lunches and tidied! Johanna took care of all house hold chores, shopping and prepared amazing meals and baked treats.

Johanna has been most responsible, trustworthy and thoughtful person Johanna went above and beyond her duties every day with a wonderful surprise of handmade truffles, personalised ginger breads made by the children and precious photo mugs and calendar for presents!

An unforgettable big sister and role model, a heart full thank you to Johanna’s family for sharing her with us!



My children love playing games with Helena, jumping on the trampoline, going to parks, the zoo, animal farm, and science museum with Helena, as well as splashing in the pool and going to the beach.

Helena is a very calm, thoughtful and kind. To stop our eldest daughter being scared at night she bought a dream catcher as a Christmas gift. Ryan, our resident super hero, also loved his gift of Avenger underpants. She tries to empower the children and makes sure their views are taken in to account.

Helena has made a huge impact to our lives. Not only has Helena been fantastic at having fun with the children, her nature and experience means she is firm and good at keeping order. Meal times have stopped being so crazy and the things I had given up on whilst overwhelmed with the pregnancy were re-introduced. Helena is both a wrestling buddy for Ryan and an extra person to chase and hug. Keira loves having her nails done and playing shopkins with Helena. Lara loves extra cuddles.

Despite the chaos of the last few months, Helena has kept life stress free and organised. She has gone above and beyond a normal au pair’s help. We are truly lucky to have had Helena during this period in our lives.



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