How to Make the Most out of Hosting an Au Pair

So you’ve found an au pair! You may be excited about finding someone you really like to help you tackle life as a working mum and even more excited about your children getting to interact with someone you know they’ll love too. Hosting an au pair is a great experience for many families and many of these families take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge their au pair brings with them. Here’s how to ensure your au pair experience is a memorable one for your au pair and your children.

Prep for success

Before your au pair arrives, take some time to get to know a bit about them and prepare your children by telling them all about the new person who is about to come and live with your family. Making sure your children know what to expect can help them to adapt more easily as this can be a big adjustment for a child that may have had you as their primary carer until now. Get your children involved in getting the house ready for you au pairs arrival and talk to them about ways they can make their new friend welcome. This will help them get excited about the experience while helping you get everything in place.

Immerse your kids in culture

Tell your children a bit about the country your au pair comes from and encourage them to ask questions and learn new things from their au pair. One of the greatest advantages of hosting an au pair is that it broadens your children’s horizons and exposes them to a world much larger than their own. Show them how exciting this can be and chat to your au pair about ways they can learn about each other or activities they could do that they may not have had a chance to experience before. Perhaps you’d like your children to learn a few bits of a foreign language or broaden their food horizons. Chat to your au pair about ways you could facilitate this and you’ll be surprised at what they come up with!

Sharing is caring

Let your children learn more about their own culture by encouraging them to show your au pair what it’s like to be an Australian. Have them think of ways they can help their au pair fit in in Australia and what activities they think their au pair would enjoy. By sharing their experiences, they’ll grow confident about their cultural identity and be open to learning about the cultures of those around them.

Lead by example

Show your children how you want them to treat their new au pair by treating your au pair with warmth and respect from the start. This is a great way for your children to learn about respecting all forms of authority and accepting people from all walks of life so be sure to show them how you want them to behave around their new au pair and make sure you make it clear that they are to listen to their au pair and respect their authority at all times. This will make life much easier for your au pair and will prevent your children from testing the boundaries too much as they know that their au pair has the support of mum and dad too.

For more information on how to make the most of your hosting experience, or to start the process of finding an au pair, contact Smart Au Pairs today.

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