How Hosting an Au Pair Could Solve Your Daycare Woes


The hefty cost of childcare forms a large part of a family’s budget, but still many parents find themselves unsatisfied with the level of care that their children are receiving for the exorbitant prices. With growing group sizes and ever changing views on parenting styles and discipline practices, it can be difficult to find a childcare option that satisfies your child’s individual needs and aligns itself with your family’s values.

Hosting an au pair not only offers an affordable solution to the problem of flexible work schedules and after-hours care, it also allows you the opportunity to create a caring environment where your child is looked after by someone you can trust and who can ensure that your views on parenting and discipline are respected and applied consistently while those important foundations are being laid.

Cost effectiveness

 For many years, hosting an au pair seemed a luxury of the upper class and families resigned themselves to the fact that when they returned to work, their children would start their school career and begin life in the classroom where they would be taught the fundamentals they needed to be successful in the school system. Now however, parents have begun to realise that while daycare and before and after school care provides their children with structure and a solid foundation for learning, there is still a great need for one on one attention and care in the early formative years that the formal classroom is unable to provide.

More and more families are realising that an au pair can be a very viable option for everyday families who are turning to this form of childcare as an all-in-one daycare, after school and babysitting option. Considering the value that an au pair can bring to your home, in terms of flexible hours, one on one care and cultural enrichment, this can be a more cost effective option than other traditional forms of childcare.

Less exposure to illness

 While attending daycare may provide a source of social interaction for your children, there is no denying that children who attend daycare centres are much more exposed to childhood viruses and illnesses than those who receive in-home childcare. In a classroom full of children who are learning to share, your child is more likely to get sick more often and this means a miserable child, time off work and expensive doctor bills as well as numerous doses of antibiotics and over-the-counter remedies. In-home childcare means your child can build up their immune system without being bombarded with one illness after another and having to potentially rely too heavily on medication.


 Not only does hosting an au pair mean consistency in terms of who cares for your child both during the day when you’re at work and at night when you’re taking some time out with your spouse, but it also means consistency in the kind of care your child receives too. Having an au pair living in your home means you’ll be able to demonstrate the kind of parenting philosophy that you think is right for your children and you’ll be able to ensure that this is applied consistently even when you’re not there. You can spend time choosing an au pair who thinks the same way you do and make sure that your children always know what boundaries are in place and what kind of morals and values you expect them to live by no matter who they are with.

These are just some of the reasons that families are considering hosting an au pair as an alternative to other traditional forms of childcare. To find out more about why hosting an au pair could be right for you, or to start the process of finding the perfect fit for your family, contact Smart Au Pairs today.

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