How Hiring An Au Pair Can Work For Single Mums

Being a single working mum can be hard. You have to do the enormous job of both parents, go to work and still find a way to spend quality time with your beautiful child or children. Hosting an au pair could be just the thing that you’ve been looking for to help you get that extra set of hands you’ve been craving.


You may think that with all the expenses of raising your kids by yourself, hosting an au pair is just not in your budget. When compared to the cost of using other types of daycare and after school care for the same hours, hosting an au pair can actually work out to be a very affordable option. It also minimizes the time you may have to take off work to ferry children to and from commitments and can save you money when you’re children are home from school with yet another case of the flu.


Hosting an au pair is a very flexible option that allows you to structure your childcare around your schedule. An au pair is able to change her schedule to suit your family’s needs and is more flexible and accommodating towards changes you may have to make in your work schedule.

Saving Grace

Being a single mum means you’re often stretched to the limit and sometimes even simple things like getting the kids ready for school can seem like a real balancing act. Having an au pair to help with the simple but time-consuming things like making the kids’ lunch for school and making sure their homework is done before dinner means you can spend the extra time with your children without sweating the small stuff.

A Friend in Need

Having an au pair living with you can take some getting used to, but most of our clients form a bond with their au pairs that becomes a lasting friendship. Having someone there to help out with the kids and who understands when they’re having a tough day can make the world of difference in a mum’s life. Your au pair will become part of the family and can be a valuable ally when things get tough.

New experiences

As a mum, you want to expose your children to positive influences from the world around them and introduce them to new cultures and ideas. An au pair can be a positive role model for your children and having someone from a different background share your life can help to broaden their horizons and teach them about the wider world around them.

For more information about hosting an au pair and to find the perfect match for your family, visit the Smart Au Pairs website or call them on 02 9451 3888.  They have successfully matched hundreds of families with their ideal au pair over the years and are confident that they will be able to help you too!

Smart Au Pairs is a Sydney-based au pair agency who specialises in matching host families with their ideal au pair who can help them crate a harmonious balance between family and working life while providing children with a stable base and source of childcare within the home.


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