Congratulations! We have received your application. Here’s what happens next.

Thank you for completing your application form.

Your next step is your family letter. You can simply email your letter and pictures to 

The purpose of the family letter is to introduce your family to prospective au pairs. A dedicated team member will call you for a telephone consultation before we hand pick your shortlist.

Your letter should include ample information about your family, such as:

  • Your family members, including each child’s name, age and short info about them (are they attending school, pre-school or day care, hobbies, activities, interests etc.)
  • Parents jobs and hobbies/interests.
  • Your family lifestyle, especially mention typical ‘Australian activities’ that you do on a regular basis, such as BBQ, going the beach, camping, nippers, surf life saving, back-yard-cricket, skate boarding, surfing, swimming, fishing, boating, AFL, NFL (either playing or watching) and any other awesome Aussie fun stuff. Our au pairs are here to be part of your Australian family! 
  • Your pets: Are they live-in or live out? Friendly? Care required?
  • Where you live: your house set-up, description of your local area, public transport, and maybe include a link to local tourist information.
  • A typical day/week for your family.
  • Au pair role in your family: hours, expected tasks and schedule (breakdown day-by-day if possible).
  • Au pair accommodation (own room/bathroom? internet access etc.), plus pocket money, extra hours/extra pay.
  • Extras you provide/contribute for successful au pair, such as: mobile phone, travel card, use of car in spare time etc.

You can simply email your letter and pictures to