FAQ – Working With Children’s Check

Do I (or does my au pair) really need the WWCC?

The Working with Children’s check is legally required for anyone who is working with children. You can learn more about the check, why it is required and more if you google WWCC and the state you are located in.

I have applied but still need my WWCC number

The process of receiving the WWCC number can take 2-28 days, so be patient. If you still haven’t received it by then, please contact the WWCC office in your specific state and ask for the process of your application.

Why the police check AND the WWCC?

Coming to Australia, it is legally required for everyone to complete their WWCC (whether au pair or not) and while we do know that the au pairs already have the police check, it is still the law and required. And also they check internationally if there are any crimes committed on your account.

Who pays the fee of the WWCC?

The fee is paid by the au pair but you can talk to your host family and see if they are willing to contribute something.

How much is the WWCC or the Bluecard?

The WWCC in NSW is $80, see here: http://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/Working-with-children/working-with-children-check

The Bluecard is also about $80 : http://www.bluecard.qld.gov.au/fees.html (au pairs have to fill out the Bluecard business form)

Where can I find an RTA office?

You can find a list of RTA offices on this website:


What does this sentence mean? “If you are NOT subject to the Phase in schedule, you have until xxx to visit a NSW Motor registry or NSW Council Agency to complete our application, or the application number will expire.”

It means that you have time until the xxx to visit a RTA office in Australia to complete the WWCC.

Do I need to print out the application form?

You do not need to print out the online application. After you submitted the form you will then receive an Email with your application number (which you will need if you go to a RTA office in Australia).

Do I need a WWCC in Tasmania or South Australia?

You don’t need a Working with children check in South Australia and Tasmania. The police check from your home country is sufficient.


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