Back To School: The Perfect Time To Hire An Au Pair

With the school holidays over and a new school year beginning, it’s time to get back into your routines. The thought of getting the whole house ready and to school and work on time can sometimes feel overwhelming but have you thought about hiring an au pair to lighten the load?

Having an extra pair of hands in the morning and afternoons is something that most families wouldn’t turn down, but often the idea of having an au pair seems out of reach to many. Au pairs these days are now not just for the elite and are even becoming a much more affordable option than childcare and before and after school care for many families with young children.

Au pairs are usually young people, mostly females in their late teens or early twenties, from a foreign country. They travel to a different country and live with a family to experience a new culture. In exchange for free board and lodgings, and some pocket money, they help out with the children and sometimes with light household chores.

Hosting an au pair can be such an enriching experience for the whole family. Children get to experience a person from another culture, not just for a few hours, but over a few months. This interaction means they could pick up a few words or phrases from another language, learn all about the country their au pair comes from, and perhaps even sample some delicious home cooked meals from their home country.

Along with cooking dinner for the kids, light household duties can include tidying up, doing the children’s laundry and picking up some food shopping during the week. Making the kids breakfast and packing their school lunches in the morning gives you extra time to get ready for work without being stressed about who is eating what and how long it takes!

School runs can also be done by your au pair, either on foot if you live close enough or if you are lucky enough to have a spare car for the au pair to use, they can drive the children to school and pick them up at the end of the school day. After school, the au pair can take the kids to any extra-curricular activities or help them with their homework and start preparing dinner. The time while the kids are at school is free time for the au pair to get to do some sightseeing or just relaxing in their new surroundings.

If you like the sound of hiring an au pair and having an extra pair of hands at home, get in touch with a reputable au pair agency like Smart Au Pairs. Based in Sydney, they are able to find you the perfect au pair for your family. With a thorough vetting process, you can be sure that your au pair will be the right fit for you and your children.

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