Au Pair Lotte features in ‘Linda’, a popular Dutch Magazine

One of our Au Pairs Lotte was interviewed for a Dutch magazine to share her experience in Australia as an Au Pair. We are happy she had such an amazing experience and shared her great testimonial. Here’s what it looks like:



Lotte Slotboom (20) studying European Public  Health, went to Australia as an au pair: My family was very nice and generous and lived in a suburb of Perth in an amazing house. They even had a swimming pool in their garden (this is the unusual thing for Dutchies). Just 1.5 hours away they had an even more amazing beach house, just a few minutes’ walk to the ocean. My host dad was a gynaecologist, this meant that he was on call 24/7, therefore they enjoyed relaxing during the summer holidays. We went to the outback; this meant not having access to phones, TV or any social media at all for a few days. Together with other families they built a complete camp in the outback, with an improvised toilet, kitchen, etc. In the morning the went out to go fishing, and then with this fish the lunch was prepared. One day there was a tiger snake in our camp, and they killed it with a shovel because it is one of the deadliest snakes of Australia. The other 5 girls wrote their story before mine also wrote about holidays, but I’m sure none of them had a holiday like this!

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