Antonia is a winner! Nominate your au pair next month

Every month our host families from all over Australia have a chance to nominate their au pair to win our Au Pair of the Month competition. Antonia is a winning au pair and here is the lovely nomination from her host family.

Antonia from Germany is, above all, a beautiful, generous and divine human being. Her extreme gentleness, faultless care, and boundless generosity flow over and she brings an incredible energy to our household and our lives. We outright love Antonia, and we all feel so very loved back by her – especially my two children. They arrive home from preschool and school and call “Antonia!!!” as the first thing when they walk in the door. Antonia is there with a smile and a cuddle for them and they just adore her, as do I.

Not only is she incredible with the children but she is an amazing help to me around the house – cooking, tidying up the kitchen, helping with the kids rooms, helping with the laundry. She is fabulous with the routines of the house and so reliable in everything she does. For the first time in 6 years I go to the gym a couple of mornings a week, can work more effectively, and go on a date night with my husband once a week – all because of the beautiful Antonia.

In 6 months have never seen her grumpy or in a bad mood. She is the most selfless, beautiful, appreciative and happy person. We as a family feel honoured to have her living with us, and I can only say that I dread the day we have to say goodbye – and that will be the day we start thinking of a holiday to Germany to go visit her.

She is the most outstanding Au Pair. Thank you Antonia. We love you. Riedl family, NSW


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