3 Reasons Why Hosting An Au Pair Could Help You Achieve The Ultimate Work Life Balance

As a businesswoman and a mother, you work hard to maintain a healthy work life balance. You want to realize your potential in the workplace, but also want to be the best mum you can be for your kids. Hosting an au pair could help to ensure that your time at home with your children is good quality time and that your goal of being the perfect working mum is realised.

A helping hand

The biggest advantage to hosting an au pair is having someone on hand to help out with those mundane tasks that seem to eat away at your time. An au pair can help with things like making the kids’ bags are packed for school, tidying up after the kids while you’re at work and making sure that cake is picked up for the cake sale on Friday that you almost forgot about. This means that when you get home from work, you can spend time with your children and catch up on the day without worrying about all the administration that can really get in the way of quality time.


Another reason an au pair can be great for a working mum is that they’re able to work their schedule around yours. As a businesswoman, you know that sometimes ‘predictable’ is just not the name of the game and an au pair will be able to work the flexible hours you need during the week. They can adapt their schedule from week to week and you will know that you always have a reliable and familiar person around to help out when you need it.


Your children will have the added benefit of having one main caregiver besides you. This means that they can build up a relationship with their au pair and have one person looking after them after school as well as babysit when you and your partner need some quality time too. The main advantage of having one trusted carer is that you can make sure that your au pair knows exactly what your expectations are and your children will know that the rules stay the same no matter who’s in charge.

Hosting an au pair can really make a difference in a working mum’s life. To find out more about the benefits of au pairs and to start the process of finding the perfect au pair for your family, get in touch with Smart Au Pairs today.

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