Monthly Archives: October 2018

What Is An Au Pair & How Do I Find One?

For many people, an au pair and a live-in nanny amount to the same thing and they use the terms interchangeably.  However, there are differences between the two and if you’re considering hiring someone to care for your children, you may find the following discussion… Continue reading

Why Use An Au Pair Agency?

What have swooping magpies got to do with au pairs? Magpies get a bad rap for being dangerous menaces during their breeding season, but aren’t they just protecting their young? It’s a natural instinct for these birds, just as it is deeply instinctive for us… Continue reading

Our Expanded Family

A couple years ago we interviewed and selected Miss Chelsey Hart to be an au pair with our small family in a country town in regional NSW. Little did we know at the time that this Minnesotan native from a small country town herself would become a… Continue reading

Is An Au Pair Cheaper Than Childcare?

The cost of childcare is always the subject of debate and whether friends are discussing it over a coffee or politicians are campaigning on television, everyone has an opinion. The recent introduction of the new Child Care Subsidy really put the subject in the spotlight… Continue reading